Quiet of the Leaves || Lead Narrative Designer || Download

Quiet of the Leaves is a narrative adventure game set in the American Ozarks, developed in two semesters as a USC Advanced Game Project. The story follows a girl and her estranged father who become separated on a camping trip, and must work together to reconcile and reunite.

Le Mystère de la Bête (Prototype) || Solo Project || Play

Le Mystère de la Bête is a short interactive fiction prototype for a point-and-click mystery adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Explore the enchanted castle as Belle, a young witch who is determined to unravel the mystery of her monstrous host.

Zoomorphize (Prototype) || Solo Project || Play

Zoomorphize is a short educational game exploring how the human body compares, in form an function, to the bodies of a wide variety of other animals.

The Demon Codex || Solo Project || Play

The Demon Codex is a narrative game developed in one week for USC's Experimental Games workshop. The game explores how the identity of a legendary figure is shaped by the author recording the events of their life.